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PostSubject: Affiliate Naruto Legacy   Affiliate Naruto Legacy I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 08, 2014 11:44 am

Affiliate Naruto Legacy T38vUn6

We have returned: By Storm!
<hr />

For the past year and a half, Naruto Mirage has gone through many changes: from management to rules to RP standards. Naruto Mirage has been given its new domain and name: Naruto Legacy. Our disappearance from the map is none other than member inactivity. For the past year, we have been constantly fighting the activity war, sending out waves of advertisements, giving rewards to those who advertise, etc. For a little it worked, but it was to no avail in the long haul. Within the last 6 months, the site had been introduced with a brand new system that deals with statistics. At first there were a lot of holes, and our rules looked less than shoddy. Within the past 3 months, the site had undergone a change in domain which was, as stated above: Naruto Legacy and with that a change in layout. Within the past month, the site saw a change in management and from there was when everything started getting done. The site now sees slightly better days, with activity steadily on the rise. With said steady progress, we are now ready to bring ourselves into the darkness and forge our path to greatness! That is our Legacy!

What has changed?!
<hr />

What has changed, you ask? Tons of things have changed! So many things have changed that it would be a waste of time to list everything. However! Here is just a handful of what has been added, changed, fixed, etc.

  • Brand new systems this site has not yet seen!<br />
  • We still have our fully-functioning Fortune Wheel where you can win various prizes for your character!<br />
  • Unique weapons, armor, and items that are available to be earned through awesome and fun events!<br />
  • Speaking of events, we also have brand new areas for discussing and setting up events!<br />
  • We also have other brand new areas such as information on our villages and forums for discussing current plots!

New things are being added all the time!

Our New Staff Team & Our Pledge
<hr />

"Our goals as staff all revolve around making this site everyone's Legacy. All members here are important to us, because they are what allow us staff to make the site better so that they may have fun RP'ing." This is a quote from our new Head Administrator and Webmaster, Eden Shinteki, who has taken the mantle and gotten the site up and raring to go once again. Her, as well as her staff team, are always active and ready to assist all members, both new and returning. Our pledge to our members is to grow and make the site better and better. The staff learn and grow with the members, too!

That's all for now!
<hr />

Stop on by and see for yourself the Legacy that you can very well be part of. Our staff will welcome all with open arms! We are Naruto Legacy, and we have returned to rock the RP world.<br />
<hr />

Please affiliate with us as well! Our advertisement area is guest friendly!

Affiliate Naruto Legacy Naruto10

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Affiliate Naruto Legacy
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