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Banned/Limited Techniques | KKG & etc. OfRsv0d
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 Banned/Limited Techniques | KKG & etc.

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Banned/Limited Techniques | KKG & etc. Empty
PostSubject: Banned/Limited Techniques | KKG & etc.   Banned/Limited Techniques | KKG & etc. I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 26, 2013 11:06 pm

Dear Shinobi, we have a banned Jutsu/Techniques/KKG list because there are several techniques and such out in the shinobi world where it's overpowered and not fair. This is a way to keep the RP system fair and equal, so everyone can be treated equally. This may seem like a long list, but in the world of Naruto there are hundreds of thousands of jutsu, compare that to this list. Some of the list may bend overtime, but don't count on it because most of these jutsu are fairly banned. This list includes banned jutsus, jutsus who have certain users and limits, KKG and other techniques. If there is something we may have missed or forgotten, please PM an Administrator.

Restricted Jutsu:
Flying Thunder God Technique
Akatsuki Related Techniques [Only Available for Akatsuki members]
Kanashibari no Jutsu ~ Temporary Body Paralysis Technique
Plasma based Jutsu
Fuujutsu Kyuuin ~ Absorption Seal [Banned]
Chou Oodama Rasengan ~ Ultra-Big Ball Spiral Sphere [0/2]
Cursed Seal of Heaven [0/5]
Tsubako Mandara ~ The Mandala Box
God Change
Fierce Raining at Will [0/1]
Kagerou ~ MayFly
Soul Removal Technique's
Shapeshifting Technique [0/1]
Genryuu Kyuu Fuujin ~ Nine Mystical Dragon Seal
Fushi Tensei ~ Living Corpse Reincarnation
Hachimon ~ The Eight Gates Release [0/2; Taijutsu must be Primary Speciality]
Edo Tensei ~ Resurrection to the Impure World
Souzou Saisei ~ Creation Rebirth
Lightning Release Armor [Raikage Only]
Space-Time Related Ninjutsu
Perfect Clone Technique
Sage Mode [0/3; must be S-Rank Ninja]
Six Paths Of Pain
Yin Healing Wound Destruction [0/1; must have Medical as Primary Specialty]
• [b]Chidori
[0/5; Raiton must be a specialty, history explains gaining Chidori]
Rasengan [0/5; History should explain gaining Rasengan]

Restricted/Limited Releases:
Dark Release [Banned]
Dust Release [Banned]
Scorch Release [Banned]
Swift Release [Banned]
Lava Release [Limited; 0/2- 1 regular user, another user b/c of Yonbi Jinchurikki]
Explosion Release [0/1]
Boil Release [0/1]
Crystal Release [0/2]
Ice Release [0/2]

Limited Clan Techniques:
Amaterasu [0/2; Powerful only Two Mangekyou Sharingan can use]
Tsukuyomi [0/2; Powerful only Two Mangekyou Sharingan can use]
Susanoo [0/1; Powerful only one Mangekyou Sharingan can use]

Rules of Obtaining:
1. To gain one of these techniques, you must PM an Administrator for permission.
2. You must explain in your History of how you obtained the technique and so on.
3. Be fair with your special technique/item.

Note: This list is subjected to change at any moment in the day. Things may be discovered and added on!
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Banned/Limited Techniques | KKG & etc.
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