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 Rules of Character Registration

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PostSubject: Rules of Character Registration   Rules of Character Registration I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 19, 2013 11:08 pm


These are rules that you are encouraged to follow while creating your character.

Title: If you're done put a title like "Uchiha, Kumi [Konoha Genin]." If you're working on it, "Uchiha, Kumi [Konoha Genin] WIP."

Personality and Appearance: Your personality is one of the most descriptive parts based upon your character itself. You are encouraged to write as much as you can for your personality, this is also applied for appearance. You cannot just give an image and say that's it.

RP Sample: Your RP sample is a critical important part of your application. It's to see whether you are in need for help for roleplaying, or if you're a decent experienced roleplayer. Try to give a great, detailed example for your sample to convince the Character checkers.

History: History is important as well. When making your history, try to organize them into different arcs. "Childhood Arc" "Academy Arc" "Genin Arc" and so on, so forth. This will be easier for the checkers to understand your characters history and base it off of what you will roleplay and the rest of your character.

Weapons: No character starts off with any weapons besides the basics of: Kunai, and Shuriken. This is the ensure the safety of fairness throughout the world. If you want a weapon, you may go create one in the other registry forum.

That's about it! More may be added in the future!
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Rules of Character Registration
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