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PostSubject: | RP Topic Tags |   | RP Topic Tags | I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 14, 2013 6:07 pm

Alright, Guest with our current systems there are certain people who want certain things in their RP topic such as: it being private, it being open, or no killing. Regarding those types of opinions based upon the topic starter/maker, when creating the topic, you need to be wary of your topic tag. By that, we mean that on your topic title you will need to use one of the following tags, and if you don't then people will further assume that it's open and such. Here are the tags.
[Open] << Open to whoever, if there's no killing then: [OPEN, NK]
[Private] << Private to whom the thread starter wants to RP with. If no killing: [PRIVATE, NK]
[NK] << No Killing, simple as that.
As simple as it is, you will be seeing that it's important as many people want to have a less violent learning experience when RPing, and then there are those who will do what they please. This is a way to split between their RP levels because some people don't want to RP those more merciless people. That isn't a problem, and so these tags are here to implement that system. Hope you guys enjoy this and if there's every any problems, contact staff.
As we imply these tags, anything can be used. The ones provided are the most common examples we may be using, and for those that will have more 'MATURE' topics, you will put a [M] and state a disclaimer/warning in the beginning of your post so people will get your side and understand that whatever they read was their fault, and not yours.
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