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 Sakura Vs Konohamaru

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Academy Student
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Sakura Vs Konohamaru   Sun Oct 13, 2013 10:10 pm

sakura was in a really big open field and there was grass everywhere. there was so much grass that for miles it was green but the grass wasnt really long it was pretty short to be honest. the grass was sturdy and below the grass was harsh ground and it was funny how there could be so much grass in such an infertile area. sakura was standing really short because she was only like four feet and eight inches ok? sakura was really pretty with her short pink hair and pretty eyes and stuff. she was wearing her usual ninja outfit consisting of a red top with the same design as the upper-half with black gloves, black boots, black shorts, short grey apron skirt, and grey elbow protectors and forehead protector which is now on a red cloth. the ground was sturdy so she couldnt fall or trip or anything and she was standing super erect and stuff. the sun was at the peak in the sky because it was noon and there was no wind in the area. she has a pretty pink diamond on her forehead that reminded her of that sing like a diamond song. she had been storing chakra for a long long time so she was ready. since sakura was the first to arrive there would be no signs of traps or stupid things that could beat her up. she was waiting for her opponent to come up while adequately swirling a kunai on her index finger. the rest of her fingers curled so she wouldnt cut herself and with proper control the kunai wouldnt go off anywhere on accident and stuff.
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Big D.
Academy Student
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Re: Sakura Vs Konohamaru   Sun Oct 13, 2013 11:48 pm

Konohamaru was in his average attire, he was wondering the fields until he saw Sakura randomly twirling a Kunai around her finger. "Sakura, are you in love with Naruto still or was that just a front?" Konohamaru said, obviously teasing her. After making the comment he would spawn a shit-eating grin, and begin running about 50 meters away from Sakura with his arms in the air, flailing. He was expecting her usual angry response, he didn't quite want a large bump on his head from one of her super punches. Seriously, she must be captain falcon or something. He was equipped with basic ninja tools, including but not limited to, ninja wire, kunai, shuriken, explosive tags and senbon. This was the most appropriate way to prank her, as she had recently confessed her love for naruto that was obviously fake so he can stop chasing Sasuke. The grass was quite soft, he wondered how this encounter would actually play out. Would Sakura seriously attempt to kill him? Only time and patience would tell him the answer. Well, he could possibly rid the world of the pink haired blight all she did was beat up poor Naruto who never did anything wrong to her. He formed his hands in a Kage Bunshin symbol, creating a clone next to him that would then perform the Sexy Jutsu: Sakura, turning into a naked version of her, another thing that would further infuriate her. He created the sexy jutsu clone as he was running away, at about 25 meters away from her. He would continue running after creating said clone.This would perhaps get him some time, as she would probably try to destroy the nude version of herself first. He would look back numerous times with the same shit eating grin, and laugh at his own hilarious antics.
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Academy Student
Academy Student

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PostSubject: Re: Sakura Vs Konohamaru   Mon Oct 14, 2013 12:17 am

Such a childish way of explaining ones own tactical prowess. Sakura was very disappointed at how this little faggot came running from a vast distance with his hands in the air in assumption that Sakura even cared. What further agitated the feminine BILLBOARD BROW is how this nuisance attempted to make conversation from so far away. Yes, they were ninja, but that did not mean that shinobi and kunoichi alike all shared enhanced senses. This is purely false. A ninja body is durable and capable of great feats, but without proper technique, sensory skills, and other dependent and independent variables one did not have the ability to concentrate chakra to enhance another sense. For Sakura was a Haruno and not an Inuzuka or sensory based ninja. So Sakura was outraged at the audacity this young Konohamaru had. This young shinobi blatantly tried to draw her attention in the dumbest way and she couldn't hear a word he was saying.

That action alone prompted the usage of a ninja tool. The only tool she had in her hands and more so specifically right hand. The boy was rushing onward at a mediocre speed. Something apparent for a shinobi of such inadequate skills as he was rather young and new to the game. Regardless of such shitty anticipation the spinning of the metal wand halted abruptly. The grip focused on the handle as it was released with the utmost careful trajectory to intercept Konohamaru's movements after he tried yelling out towards Sakura herself. Such blatant form of aggression and disrespect was not something to be treated with rewards in the Haruno household! Sakura had too much on her mind to bother with such a childish fool and because of this acted with no hesitance. The top of her performance becoming apparent. For the kunai was sent forth at great speeds in interception towards the chest and why would she do such a thing if she was holding back? It was thrown at just about Sakura's lower chest height to match with the intended target. Not only was the kunai released, but in antecedence to the throw her hands shined an iridescent blue. Thus, the kunai's speed was amplified to the point that it would reach the intended target within a mere fraction of a second notice. Especially due to antecedent tactics portrayed while the boy was running.

One should not believe this action to be the only one that occurred at this same moment in time. For with the coming of the blue iridescent light came forth the sparkling purple as the diamond upon her forehead unsealed and wrapped these lines along her billboard forehead. Forming multiple X like formations. Thus, along with the thrown ninja tool came the earths displeasure. As when the kunai flew Sakura dug her right foot in front of her into the ground. Releasing an expansion of chakra throughout the rough infertile ground. The reason she waited for the kunai to be released is so the shaking would not throw off the trajectory of the weapon. There was no wind and the last thing she wanted was for her own footing to fuck up her throw. Nonetheless this spike of chakra traveled just as fast and if anything faster than the kunai itself. Since the kunai's acceleration and this rock busting shock wave both came from the similar source. Due to this the ground in front of her leveled completely and exceeded far beyond Konohamaru himself. This shock wave was not enough to throw anyone off their feet, but it was enough to cause them to stop in their tracks if they worship life enough to not fall into the outcast spikes of earth that too popped up from the ground all around the area and more in abundance around Konohamaru. The ground itself went down enough for Konohamaru's head to be considered under Sakura's mid chest height.
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PostSubject: Re: Sakura Vs Konohamaru   

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Sakura Vs Konohamaru
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