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 Official Rules [Finest Shinobi]

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PostSubject: Official Rules [Finest Shinobi]   Official Rules [Finest Shinobi] I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 19, 2013 8:30 pm

|| General Laws/Info ||

Spam: Spam is not tolerated here at FinestShinobi, if you're planning on spamming, then there's no point for you to be here right now. If you want general discussions or forum games that are not based upon Naruto, you can head to the General Discussion topic or the Forum Games topic. This applies for when you're in chat too. No non-ending smiley faces, random letters etc.

Bumping: Bumping is a way to keep a certain topic you want alive. For example, if your question isn't getting answered, you can bump every 48 hours. Anything below that 48 hour mark will be deleted, meaning your post will get removed. This rule is NOT completely based upon your RP topics, mostly it's used with your applications, just in case staff members may have missed, or forgotten to check it. If you are calculating this according to the RP topic, it is the topic RPers responsibility to keep track of what happens/who goes etc. Regarding RP topics though; if someone hasn't posted within a time span of 48-96 hours (2-4 days) you may contact a staff member.

Plagiarism: Plagiarism is one of the most STRICTEST parts of this forum. It may just be a rule, or something you've always heard from your teachers, classmates or family, but it's true. Plagiarism can be considered a crime; why? You're taking credit for something that you didn't make, you didn't write etc. You definitely, absolutely CANNOT plagiarise here on FS. We are a friendly community, and you shall not ruin it. If you take a jutsu for example and say "I made it." you will be punished greatly for your offense. Obviously many and if not, all credits are given to Masashi Kishimoto. If you're using Canon jutsu/summons etc, make sure to provide credit and a link to where you have gotten your information. Be serious and careful of what you're typing on the internet.

Respect: Respect is a big thing that everyone deserves. If you can respect, respect will be given back. If you can treat others fairly and nicely, you will be fine on the forums. Respect includes a whole bunch of different sections, and this includes all of them. Respect staff, members, beginners and the big one; YOURSELF.

Diversity: Everyone is different, and no one is the same. You could have asthma, cancer or be bisexual, and by all means we do not care what you are, or who you are; you are just like us, HUMANS. You are no different than the 7 billion people in this world, because we're all equal, there is no "Queen" or "King." Do not be racist, discriminate, express hatred etc. These cause negative effects upon the forum, and turns into a respect policy. Respect is diversity too, respect everyone if they have something you don't because they're just more different than you. No discrimination against gender, religion, age or any other types out there. If you are a victim because of these bullies, do not hesitate to ask a staff member for help if you can't stop it yourself, we're here to help you!

Maturity: Maturity can be a big one, but not always everyone on the forum is a 13+ community where people understand common courtesy etc. It's a simple rule that everyone can follow. By all means, it doesn't mean you can't play around and act "kiddish," but you need to keep it at a limit. Don't be disobeying 'Diversity' and the 'Respect' policy because they fall under this area. This forum has active administration, and we have the authority to see what happens around the forums. (Chat is included, do not be immature like a 2 year old.)

Accounts: When we think of it, people create many, MANY, accounts. Maybe because they lost their password and email, or they think it's not worth the time to recover the work that they use to have. Thus because of those reasons, they create another account, which we're fine with. But, please refrain from more than 2+ multiple accounts because we want to keep the forum clean and easy to manage. If someone made 20 accounts and went inactive, it would be harder to keep track of who's active and who's not. Please try your best to make sure you REMEMBER your account information, in case anything has happened, or you've forgotten. If you do not remember your password, staff members cannot help you, we can change your password, but we prefer not to because of security reasons.

Advertisements: Okay, let's get things straight. Advertisements are only valid in the Advertising section. Any posts about advertisements that aren't in the right area will be removed asap. This is a way to keep the forum category clean, smooth and as accurate as possible. If information on an advertisement needs to be changed, you may contact the Administrator for further details. Advertisements are visible to the public, meaning guests can view and post accordingly.

Creativity: Always be creative! Use your imagination! It's a great way to move on through the forums and progress well. Creativity is a great way to make Jutsu, Characters, Summons, Weapons and so much more! There isn't a ending in creativity. Here at FS we encourage you to be as creative as possible, and not plagiarise. Creativity can be hard, we understand, so take your time.

Passwords: We have no control over your passwords, please choose wisely on giving your password to anyone, even if they're a close friend. You loosing your password is not a smart decision, and from past experiences on different sites, it's a constant problem for some people. Be cautious of what you do, never give it out unless extremely necessary under specific orders or actions provided.

Staff Requests: Please do not argue or fight with staff members when they tell you to make changes or edits. We're enforcing the law because many people seem to argue against the staff on things that they don't want to change because they really want to keep it. We understand stand that, however what's changed is to be changed, so please respect the staff decisions.

This forum is not a completely combat oriented RP site. I know some people like it, and so we're not limiting it from the public either. It'll all be based upon the decisions of the members when they make their RP topics. We have established a "RP Topic Tag" system to split between the verse of people who want more violent/combat style over those who just want a relaxing, or just less violet and no deaths RP. Any other guides/rules/system are found here.
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Official Rules [Finest Shinobi]
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